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Taking Care of Your Health

Three Ways to Start Living A Healthy Life


Start with Nutrition

Can I eat a banana? Are carbs bad? How much protein should I eat? What is life if I can't ever eat chocolate or pizza again?

These are common questions asked during today's nutrition visits around the country. While the answers may be more or less apparent depending on the person, nutrition is confusing because of the many diets and resources available. 


Identify Your Lifestyle

How do we decide what works best for us?


The main goal of your nutrition visits here at Samaritan Health Ministries is to identify your best sustainable lifestyle and connect that to the best nutrition research for your specific health care needs. This helps create an individualized approach to your health and wellness.


Be Coachable

Each visit with your health coach is 40 to 45 minutes. Please be prepared to discuss what you normally eat and past barriers to changing habits and behaviors. Lastly, we ask that you please be coachable. Please call or visit your provider today to set up an appointment. We look forward to the journey ahead with you!

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