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Patient Care

We offer a place to heal, empower, and serve.


We exist to provide high-quality, free, patient-centered services and accessible community solutions to the uninsured and under-served in Greater Williamson County, fostering health equity to inspire and empower transformational change.


We envision a future where everyone can reach their health and wellness potential through transformational care comitted to improving sustainable health outcomes where communities can thrive.

Core Values

The values that guide our work are: faith, stewardship, empowerment, equity, collaboration, and education.

Primary Care

A Compassionate Approach to Adult Medicine

Doctor Office
Women's Health

Friendly, Helpful, and Knowledgeable

Dentist Appointment
Dental Care

A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy Body

Pharmacists' hands
Pharmacy Services

Affordable, Convenient, Caring for all of your Prescription Needs

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Mental Health Care

It’s OK To Ask For Help

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