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Dentist Appointment

Dental Wipe Out

Samaritan Health Ministries and Community Partners provide Dental Care and Resources to Our Uninsured Patient Waiting List 

Samaritan Health Ministries (SHM) hosts a Dental Wipe Out to help eliminate dental pain by providing cleanings, extractions, crowns, and root canals at no cost to our patient waiting list. Dentists, Hygienists and interpreters volunteer their time to help wipe-out the SHM waiting list (no walk-in appointments).


SHM Community Partners will be on hand to offer additional resources to patients. SHM and our Community Partners are driven by a shared profound purpose to reshape and rewrite the health narrative, changing outcomes for the under-served. The event serves to showcase our commitment to collaboration and collective action through education and knowledge in order to help individuals make informed health and wellness decisions beyond their medical, dental, or wellness visit.


If you are interested in becoming a SHM Community Partner or participating with us for this event, please contact us at

Join us on:

Saturday, March 16, 2024

8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

(No Walk-In Appointments;
Waiting List Patients Only)

Liberty Hill Dental

14933 W State Hwy 29

Liberty Hill, Texas 78642

We are looking for Community Partners who will come together with us to serve those within our community in need of dental healthcare. If you are interested, please connect with us at today.
We are also looking for compassionate volunteers to serve the day of the event.
Our biggest need is:

Dental Hygienist, Dentist, Receptionist, Set Up Crew

We Are Working with these Incredible Community Partners:

River City Hope

Trotter House

Yesterday's Gone

Community Resource Center of Texas

Reveal Resource Center

Opportunities of Williamson & Burnet Counties

Why We Do It...

Many adults tend to put their oral health on the back burner by not going to the dentist for routine dental maintenance, like cleanings or annual check-ups.  Other barriers get in the way too - such as cost, lack of insurance, and fear.

Our purpose in hosting the Dental Wipe Out is to provide quality dental services, at no cost, to our patients who cannot afford and access dental care; eliminating dental pain, promoting oral health, creating smiles, and providing oral health education.  Our patients undergo dental treatments such as cleanings, fillings, root canals, and extractions. The best part about our Dental Wipe Out is that this quality treatment is provided at no cost to our patients.

Make A Donation to Help


Many individuals are unable to afford dental care. Oral disease can affect the ability to eat, and how a person looks and communicates. Oral health is inseparable from general health, and can affect self-esteem and compromise a person’s ability to work at home, at school, or on the job.  Please help further the work of Samaritan Health Ministries by making a financial, tax deductible contribution.  A donation of $75 will provides dental care for a patient for six months.

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