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Giving with intentional purpose.

We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live their healthiest life possible, no matter their background or circumstance. And when we offer care with compassion, we serve with intentional purpose, turning lives around through education, wellness programs, advocacy, and extended resources through our whole-community solutions.

Our first step, and the most important, is to help our patients get well. With your support, we can reach thousands at risk living with chronic illness within the Greater Williamson County, struggling to make ends meet without access to quality healthcare. We provide free, accessible, transformational healthcare programs that provide guidelines to help lead our patients to a state of complete well-being. Your support is key to the success of these programs.

Our patients may often feel alone, detached from the world as finances hold them back. They may find themselves struggling to rise above their current situation. That's where your gifts matter. Your gift provides a sense of belonging for individuals within their community as they begin the healing process.  In working together with Greater Williamson County and local Community Partners, we are able to offer additional resources available to our patients to empower them through education, outreach support, networking opportunities, and more.


It all starts with one visit. One patient at a time.


Join us to transform our communities. Will you consider giving the gift of health today to help the most vulnerable individuals at risk and in pain?

Your gift makes a difference.

Our desire to serve is greater than the challenges before us.

In-between foundational grants, Samaritan Health Ministries continues to provide vital services to the most vulnerable. We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live their healthiest life possible, regardless of their background or circumstance. In order to overcome our temporary challenges, we are looking for others who share our compassion and vision to build resiliency within our community!


Would you consider giving today to help us care for the most vulnerable?


We exist to provide high-quality free patient-centered services and accessible community solutions to the uninsured and under-served in Williamson County, fostering health equity to inspire and empower transformational change.

Medical Professional and Stetoscope


We envision a future where everyone can reach their health and wellness potential through transformational care committed to improving sustainable health outcomes where communities can thrive.

Join Our Community Partners

With over 79 committed local partners ready to serve alongside Samaritan Health Ministries.

SHM has an Electronic Referral System in place to provide quick navigation in order to connect patients to our community partner resources.

We believe in the strength and value of partner collaboration with healthcare professionals, faith-leaders, donors, and community leaders who support our vision to provide whole-community solutions to our patients. Our community partners are committed to providing resources and tools that elevate patient quality of life beyond medical services. Through our unified commitment together, we strive to build resilient individuals and communities that thrive. 


If you are interested in joining us as a partner, email us at

Give to bring health and wellness to the most vulnerable.
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